3-5 Years old

Jeon Eui Taekwondo’s junior program is aimed at introducing taekwondo to young children while providing a safe environment to learn and interact with the world around them. Our instructor team tailors each and every class to be exciting and fun while helping young children develop their attention span. Aiming to increase their athletic abilities, strength and flexibility, classes are both challenging and rewarding with every child leaving with a smile on their face. Students enrolled in our junior program will develop good listening skills and self discipline resulting in better behaviour


5-12 Years old

Students in our children program will be taught the basics and fundamentals of taekwondo in engaging and classes. Our students will develop not just in their athletic ability but also in their confidence, self discipline and perseverance. Our instructor team provides each student with personalized attention to help every student finish with a sense of accomplishment and improvement. We teach students the importance of setting goals and working towards them which will be reflected in both their taekwondo journey and their academic studies.


13-17 years old

At Jeon Eui Taekwondo, our classes find the balance between training the body and the mind. Students will challenge their athletic abilities in a friendly team-oriented environment. With dynamic exercises and drills, our instructors can help teach skills to those learning for the first time, build upon on the foundations or explore more advanced techniques. In classes, students are engaged and foster positive life skills that will permeate into their everyday life.




18+ Years old

We offer adult classes of all levels and skills with an emphasis on taekwondo as a life-long sport and martial art. Classes will encompass a large variety of topics from the foundational skills of taekwondo, self-defence training and general workouts leading to improved endurance, strength and flexibility. With regular classes, taekwondo can help reduce stress, increase overall fitness and provide an avenue for a healthier lifestyle.

high performance program



Our entry level poomsae program is aimed for any athletes with the goal of competing at provincial competitions. With an emphasis on proper technique, our coaches will guide athletes to find their athletic ability while striving to reach a higher potential in their training. As an introduction to competition, our athletes are introduced to a more challenging training environment and learn to apply their foundational skills to a higher level.



Our high performance poomsae program is an intensive program aimed for our committed athletes to push themselves to the next level. By learning to train and training to compete, our athletes look to the national and international stage competing in ranked open competitions and even the world stage. Training multiple times a week, our athletes challenge themselves physically and mentally under the guidance of our nationally certified head coach.



Our kyorugi training program trains for World Taekwondo style sparring as seen in international events like the Olympics, Pan Am Games and WT Grand Prix. Our coaches are certified by the National Coaching Certification Program and provide specialized training for athletes looking to compete or improve in kyorugi. Our athletes are given plethora of specialized drills and opportunities to improve both their physical understanding and strategic mindset to kyorugi.

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