Amy Deng, Parent

“Both my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter learn Taekwondo from Jeon Eui. Not only do they teach the techniques well (you can see how many of their high performance athletes go onto international and national competitions – very impressive!), they also teach focus, discipline, respect and patience through their classes. The masters are professional, approachable, and excellent with kids.

My son was quite timid prior to starting lessons, but now he is eager to advance towards each level. I thought my daughter would have trouble sitting through a 45 minute lesson due to her young age and active personality, but she has been engaging well in the lessons.

I would highly recommend Jeon Eui Taekwondo to anyone thinking about trying TKD lessons!”

Macy Liu, Parent

“Just let him try a free trial Taekwondo class” – A good friend said to me in April 2013 as William finished all his levels for swimming, and we were looking for another sport for him. One lesson, and he was hooked. He attended classes once a week and showed potential to compete in local competitions, which he did. One of the instructors at that time mentioned the idea of going to Nationals one day. That day came in 2016, and off we went to Calgary with Master Fong. No expectations, just there for the experience and learn from other athletes across the country. He made it to the finals, and we were already happy. In our eyes, he had won no matter what the final outcome would be. He won Gold! That day changed his life and ours forever.

Winning Nationals in his category qualified him to represent Canada in International Events.More trainings, more driving, more take-out food, making sure homework was done, grades were kept up. I was tired, and I wasn’t the one competing! For the next few years, we went to Local Competitions, Nationals and International events. There were ups & downs, and learning how to deal with failure. For a child to learn humility, they must fail. As a parent, all I can do is give him the support he needs.

In January 2020, William won Recognized Poomsae in Junior Individual Category and will be representing Canada at the 2020 Herning World Taekwondo Championships. His dedication and hard work paid off. We are so proud of him and is thankful to Master Fong.

Michelle , Parent

“Master Lois Fong is a dedicated, caring, and inspirational teacher who is truly passionate about the sport of Taekwondo. The instructors at Jeon Eui Taekwondo are professional, knowledgeable, and take the time to inspire their students and help them reach their full potential. One of the best taekwondo schools in the city!”

Blue Ngo, Parent

My daughter has been joining taekwondo classes virtually since the pandemic began in March. Initially, I just wanted to give it a try and register for a term because I was unsure if my daughter would be able to follow the instructions and steps through an online platform like Zoom. I would like to thank Master Fong and Instructor Agassi for being so creative while teaching taekwondo virtually. They have so many different ways and ideas to keep the students focused and to learn the steps of their poomsae, kicking and hand techniques. For example, since my daughter struggled learning back kick initially, they would help her by telling her to roll up one side of her pants, allowing her to differentiate between her left and her right foot. 

I greatly appreciate all the effort to help my daughter and her classmates bridge the gap and challenges that come with learning taekwondo virtually. I am so happy to see her progress and have registered my daughter in every term of classes since March. She has successfully been able to promote to her next belt and is continually making progress from class to class.