Jeon Eui Taekwondo Membership Policies

Listed below are a list of membership policies developed for students and parents of Jeon Eui Taekwondo. Such matters detail the policies our staff will take with the membership fees, account and status of all students who train at Jeon Eui Taekwondo

If there are any questions or additional clarifications required, please do not hesitate to ask any of our staff members.


Jeon Eui Taekwondo reserves the right to cancel and/or change any taekwondo program with insufficient registration. Families will be notified via email and students will have the option to transfer to other available classes with no penalty of transfer fees. If no suitable alternatives are found, a full refund will be issued.

Students are responsible for paying their tuition/membership on time to secure their reservation for classes. Jeon Eui Taekwondo is not responsible for any loss of reservation due to late tuition payments.

A $25 fee will be charged for a declined payment from banks, debit cards, credit cards or any returned cheques. Please remember to keep your registered credit card information up-to-date.

Missed lessons are not available for refund of their tuition or credit.

Class Absence and Make Up Class

Members of Jeon Eui Taekwondo may request a make up class within 30 days of the absent or cancelled class. The following conditions apply:

  1. Makeup classes are available for all students for their regular training while their membership is active.
  2. Due to the limited nature of our current in-person classes and to provide opportunities for other students to make up their missed class, we request that all students, who cancel their reservation, are required to give at least 24 hours notice before their scheduled class in order to be eligible for make up class.
  3. Makeup class must be schedule in advance with a reservation either in person, through email, or by phone.
  4. Students must attend classes that are suitable and appropriate for both their age group and belt level.
  5. The priority of the spot is given to students who regularly attend that class rather than a student who is making up a class.

Hold of Membership

Members of Jeon Eui Taekwondo may request a “hold of membership” by submitting a written notice in person or email to The following conditions apply:

  1. Membership Holds are only available for students whose current membership is a one-year membership. This is only useable once each membership period.
  2. The duration of the held membership cannot be less than a period of 1 month nor exceed 3 months unless a medical reason and note are provided.
  3. Students requesting to put their membership on hold must also provide a return date at which point the student’s account will automatically resume.
  4. Students are NOT guaranteed to have his/her spot in class reserved as most classes have wait lists. Every possible effort will be given to ensure that a spot is available upon the return of the student, however, it will not be ensured.
  5. Covid related absences are to be directed through email at

Membership Withdrawal

Members of Jeon Eui Taekwondo who wish to withdraw their membership must submit a written notice in person or by email to The following conditions apply:

  1. For new members who wish to withdraw their membership, the following will take place based on the amount of time taken prior to their first class.
    1. Withdrawal with more than 7 days notice to their first class, Jeon Eui Taekwondo will refund 80% of the membership fee.
    2. Withdrawal within 7 days notice prior to their first class, Jeon Eui Taekwondo will refund a 50% of the membership fee.
    3. After your first class, Jeon Eui Taekwondo maintains a NO REFUND policy for all of our fees in order to ensure proper staffing for our classes.
  2. All monthly tuition or training processed through automatic bank pre-authorized payments may be terminated within 15 days of written notice prior you next payment. Monthly membership will be suspended if the account is not active for 3 consecutive months.
  3. Jeon Eui Taekwondo maintains a strict no refund policy for promotion tests and school events after the registration deadline.
  4. Withdrawals due to injury or extended illness may be eligible for a credit with a written physician’s note. A pro-rated, 80% credit is calculated from the date the note is received.
  5. Membership fees and credit are tied to a member’s account and there is no transfer available between members.     

 Last Updated January 15, 2021